Llanblethian Village

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Llanblethian sits south east of Cowbridge in South Wales. In fact, it is so close to its neighbour that it is practically a part of it. Llanblethian Castle (sometimes known as St Quentin's), begun by the Norman Lord Gilbert de Clare in 1307, sits on a spur to the north of Llanblethian and to the west of Cowbridge above steep slopes above the River Thaw.

It is thought that the Normans built their original keep on the remains of Caer Dynnaf an iron age hillfort. The castle is in the care of Cadw and the remains of the stone walls including the massive twin-towered gatehouse are well worth a visit.

The Town Walls were completed in the late 13th century encompassing both Llanblethian and Cowbridge. The wall had four gates, the North Gate was used for cattle, and tolls were collected at the twice-weekly markets that were held in the town.

Today Cowbridge and Llanblethian is still a thriving market town and a Farmers' Market is held on the first Saturday of each month, and a food and drink festival held every October. Traders, visitors and residents join in with the celebrations, trying a bite of new cuisine and fine wines. Music and street entertainers add to the carnival atmosphere and many shops will be holding tastings and others serving glasses of wine while you browse.

The Church of St John the Baptist in Llanblethian is an historic church with parts of the church being of 12th and 13 th Century construction. The tower was built in 1477 and restored in 1907. As with many medieval churches St John the Baptist was extensively restored by the Victorians in1896-7. The church is constructed of local stone with slate roofs, and comprises nave, chancel, south chapel and west tower. St John the Baptist is built in the Decorated and Perpendicular styles. There is a restored late medieval arch braced roof to the nave; vaulted crypt to south chapel; medieval tub font in the chancel.

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